Specialized Laboratory

Specialized Laboratory

Lab Work

As a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Stec is utilizes both traditional laboratory testing as well as advanced specialized laboratories. She will choose which tests are right for you. Some of the advanced unique tests performed at Vitae Health Care are listed below.

Genetic Testing:

This type of testing is critical to help establish a treatment plan, because many illnesses can be contributed to by genetic variations. Some tests can be done to identify how a person should eat. Others can identify how well you detoxify chemicals, how you metabolize vitamins, how well your antioxidant systems function and others. 

Vitamin and Mineral Testing:

Most traditional vitamin and mineral tests are imprecisle in some ways and yield questionable results because they have been measured in the serum. Dr. Stec uses advanced patented Intracellular Nutritional Analysis which identifies deficiencies in over 35 different micronutrients. This  analysis assesses actual cell performance to identify nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level.  By analyzing live T4 lymphocytes in the blood enables us to determine long term functional levels of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, and antioxidants.  This type of testing was developed based on 18 years of research in the biochemistry department at the University of Texas. This test allows for customization of supplementation and diet changes.

There is evidence confirming that nutrient deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune function leading to chronic disease process including cardiovascular disease arthritis, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, identifying nutritional deficiencies plays a crucial role in patient treatment.

Food Allergy and Environmental Allergy Testing:

Identifying allergies can be a very important component to restoring health because one man,s food is another man’s poison. Allergies are the causes of autoimmune and other chronic diseases. Traditional allergy tests are performed by a skin prick on the skin. These types of tests identify only acute allergy reactions. Many chronic illnesses like autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, neurological, skin diseases, and more are associated with non – acute allergies ( also known as delayed hypersensitivity reactions). These are very difficult to find out because the immune system reaction is very dynamic and diverse. Many clinicians for this purpose use  IgG allergy tests. Measuring IgG reactions checks only one possibility of immune system response to antigen, this is why they are helpful, but incomplete.

Dr. Stec performs comprehensive testing that investigates 317 foods, environmental chemicals, additives, preservatives, FD&C color additives, toxic minerals/metals and molds. This technology is patented and identifies all the known ways in which the immune system can react.

Advanced Lipid Testing:

50% of people at risk for Heart Disease are not identified by routine testing. Most standard tests look at total cholesterol, HDL(good cholesterol), LDL(bad cholesterol), and triglycerides. These values do not give an accurate picture about true cardiovascular risk and are misleading. Dr. Stec performs advanced lipid testing that accurately measures the cholesterol subgroups VLDL, LDL, HDL as well as multiple inflammatory biomarkers that contribute to cardiovascular disease. It helps to identify those 50% of patients that are at risk but have,,normal” cholesterol levels.

Hormone and neuro-chemical Testing:

Hormones deficiencies have been linked to hundred’s of disease condotions. Hormones and neurotransmitters are powerful chemicals that deliver instructions to your DNA inside the cells. Many traditional hormone testing methods are not complete and or misleading.

Bone Density Monitoring:

Most women after menopause have bone density tests every two years. If the test reveals bone loss , a medication is typically given. The follow up test won’t be measured for two years. This is a long time to wait to find out whether treatment is working or not. Dr. Stec performs a specialized urine test to measure how fast bone is breaking down versus how fast bone is building up.Therefore treatment can be monitored more effectively. Additionally Dr.Stec offers whole body vibration therapy which is a natural alternative to building bone and muscle while at the same time, losing weight.