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Get to the Root Cause with Functional Medicine

Each disease has a cause and a treatment, or so we are taught in medical school. Identify the disease then prescribe the drug or perform the surgery. This approach works well for many things, such as an acute infection or…
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Using Functional Medicine to Feel Your Best

Have you ever been examined by your doctor — had blood tests, X-rays or other diagnostic tests — only to hear that “all your tests are normal?” Yet, both you and your doctor know you’re suffering. This scenario is all…
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The Purpose of Functional Medicine

The healthcare paradigm is shifting. Many physicians are changing the way we practice, analyzing the systems that keep us “healthy” and focusing on the root cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. Applying a holistic lens to our…
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Chronic Disease and It’s Relationship to Stress

The relationship between stress and inflammation has been studied rigorously in the past decade, with researchers finding evidence that the inflammatory pathway is pivotal in the pathogenesis of many chronic diseases. In fact, 75% to 90% of human disease is…
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