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Patient Assessment

Patient Assessment

Are you searching for a holistic doctor near me or a functional medicine doctor in Stamford? We are here to offer you an alternative to traditional medicine.

 functional medicine doctor in StamfordI evaluate patients through careful history taking, which allows me to consider many factors, including:

Genetic pattern

In spite of the fact that individual genes may make you susceptible to some diseases, your DNA is not an unchanging blueprint for your life. Recent research shows that your genes are influenced by everything in your environment. This includes your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs. It means it is possible to change the way genes are activated and expressed.

Environmental Factors

Drinking water, breathing air, eating the particular food, and practicing physical exercise can affect you. Toxic exposures or traumas you have experienced all affect your health.

Mind  and Body Relations

Spiritual, mental, and social factors can have a profound influence on your health. Considering these areas helps me to see your health in the context of you as a whole person. I look beyond just the physical symptoms. 

Through the evaluation of the above mentioned root causes and triggers, I am able to understand how key body processes are affected. I integrate traditional laboratory testing with innovative research driven functional diagnostic laboratory tests. Some of these are genetic testing, food allergy, and delayed food and chemical sensitivity testing.

Others include DNA stool testing, toxic elements testing, vitamin and mineral testing, and advanced lipid testing.  We offer omega fatty acids testing. You can be tested for mold, heavy metals testing, hormones and neurotransmitter testing, and more.

These processes are related to functions, such as:

  • inflammatory responses
  • immune system function
  • digestion and absorption of nutrients and health of the digestive tract
  • how your body rids itself of toxins
  • regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters
  • how you produce energy
  • psychological and spiritual balance

All above referenced processes are influenced by your genetic pattern. Also, environmental factors like when they are imbalanced or disturbed they lead to inflammation, and eventually to disease if effective treatment is not applied.

As your functional medicine doctor in Connecticut, we look forward to speaking with you as we complete your evaluation. Please call us with any questions or concerns.