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Dr. Halina Stec is an expert in chronic disease and autoimmune disorders. Dr. Stec uses functional medicine to reach your best health by identifying the unique underlying causes of your symptoms.

Conventional medicine works on naming diseases and using a pill for every ill.

The average health care practitioner spends on average 5 to 15 minutes with the patient. This creates a serious problem for those seeking to be healed. I approach patientcare in a different way.

Functional medicine considers the body as one interconnected system, rather than a collection of independent organs that are divided up by medical specialties. I treat the entire system and not only the symptoms. I spend quality time with each patient without rushing and perform a comprehensive history and meticulous patient examination. My patients are my partners. By listening to you, I bring you into the discovery process and select treatments that address your individual unique needs. I integrate traditional laboratory testing with innovative research driven functional diagnostic laboratory tests. Some of these are genetic testing, food allergy, and delayed food and chemical sensitivity testing, DNA stool testing, toxic elements testing, vitamin and mineral testing, advanced lipid testing, omega fatty acids testing, toxic elements testing, hormone and neurotransmitter testing, and more.




On your first appointment bring a filled out healthcare questionnaire and please do not wear perfumes and nail polish.

When you arrive to your appointment, Dr. Stec will conduct a health interview and a comprehensive physical examination. Based on your examination, Dr. Stec will determine whether traditional laboratory testing, advanced specialized labs, or both are the right tests for you. This powerful functional medicine methodology will guide you on how to treat your genes right and create life of vitality, which we all have potential to achieve.


Upon receipt of your laboratory results I will call you to schedule an appointment.

Depending on how many tests you received, it may be necessary to have more than one follow up appointment to discuss your laboratory results. You will be well educated about your results and will receive a nutritional and life style plan.

Depending on your health state, Dr Stec will follow up periodically for the next 3-6 months. Additional laboratory tests may be necessary to monitor some of your improvements.


The answer will be different for different people. Most patients may begin to feel a little better quickly. Most people who were very sick prior to the life style and nutritional modification may take months to feel completely ,,normal” again. I will empower you with education, but it will be up to you to implement the recommendations or not. If you do not implement recommendations, no doctor may guarantee results, including Dr. Stec.