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Dr. Halina Stec – Vitae Health Care Story

Dr. Halina Stec - Vitae Health Care Story

Functional Medicine is the future of medicine. It helps recognize a patient’s fundamental clinical imbalances through the patient’s medical history, physical examinations, and laboratory tests. Conventional medicine is very good in taking care of emergency situations like trauma, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia or surgeries. However in managing chronic and auto-immunological diseases like diabetes, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic headache, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, osteoporosis and others it has failed to achieve meaningful outcomes. It works on naming a disease and using a pill for every ill. This in fact, makes it an even greater health crisis. The average patient goes to the doctor and waits to be seen for one to two hours, and has a 5 minute visit. What a disappointment for that patient who was ready to explain all of their symptoms and all of their problems in order to get some answers and solutions. The doctor prescribes medication and the patient is out the door. That is the reality of most office visits. This is the way it has been run.

It is not possible to give proper care within 5 minutes. You cannot understand a patient’s illness in 5 minutes. It is just not possible. That is why I have founded Vitae Healthcare. I want to bring real care back to the patient. It is important to sit down and take your time with the patient, to get to know him or her and to understand their medical history, rather than asking questions for the sake of being insurance compliant. It is really important to get the reason why the person is sick, and why the illness persists. Once I have that information, I can reach into the Functional Medicine clinician’s tool kit. The system includes highly advanced technological laboratory tests. These tests are different from traditional ones as they are based on an outcome based model. This means that each test and each result is based on the particular patient and not on 10,000 other patients, which is what traditional medicine bases their lab tests on. I am using an outcome based assessment and a high level of technology to really find out why a person is sick. I combine these methods with a patient’s physical examination and their complete medical history. I also foster a relationship with the patient. The key word is relationship. If a doctor and a patient have no relationship there is no way the patient is ever going to get better. I want to bring that back to health care through what I have already implemented into Vitae Health Care.

If you look at a paradigm of medicine, you will know that we are prescribing more medicines in the US than in any other country in the world. A recent study published by a British Medical Journal ( found that cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death, and traditional medical care is the third cause of death in U.S. This means that proper use of prescription medication, not accidental overdose, not improper use, not the wrong medication, but the proper use of medication is the third leading cause of death.
Let me repeat it … Proper use of medication is the third leading cause of death.
How we are winning? We are not getting anywhere.

I hope to bring the difference to the world through the Vitae Health Care.