Functional Medicine

What is Functional Health?

People often wonder: “what’s the goal of Functional Medicine or Functional Health?”

In short, a Functional Medicine practitioner seeks to understand why an illness came about in the first place to prevent future recurrences. Functional Medicine does not aspire to replace Traditional Medicine, instead it aims to supplement it and create a better system of health, happiness, and wellness.

Another big difference between functional and traditional Medicine is the origin of disease. At times, Traditional Medicine can’t determine the cause of certain diseases. In traditional medicine, almost all disease starts and ends in the gut. The emphasis is placed on understanding what it is about a patient’s diet and lifestyle that could cause disruptions in wellness down the road. The patient, not the doctor, determines the level of care they can receive. The functional medicine practitioner can suggest and recommend diet and lifestyle changes and treatments, but it’s ultimately up to the patient to make the final decision about the level care they receive.

Putting the ‘Personal’ Back in Personal Care

For those unfamiliar with Functional Medicine, it’s understandable that one might be hesitant to try something new. However, unlike mainstream medicine, in functional medicine, the industry benchmarks are irrelevant.

We start with you. The doctor you see takes the time to analyze everything about your health starting from your family medical history, to your diet, to your lifestyle, and more. Everything is carefully recorded, referenced and integrated into the best solution for you.

If you have a chronic illness, we do our best to assess the cause and not merely treat the symptom. For instance, patients suffering from chronic acid-reflux are likely to be prescribed acid-blockers or in some cases, they’re advised to elect surgery. But that isn’t really as effective as determining the underlying cause of the reflux such as an overly acidic diet, a Helicobacter pylori infection, or other possibilities.

The Big Picture: You

We recognize that everybody is unique. Your health isn’t only an issue when you get sick, it’s an ongoing concern. That’s why we get right to work.

We take an integrative approach to understanding you and your health on a deeper level. We connect you with health and wellness experts that give you a deeper understanding of an ailment or disease and take a holistic approach to treating mind, body, and soul.

Medications for the most part, only treat a symptom of a disease, not its underlying cause. Of course, we do our best to alleviate your pain, but if you’re regularly exposed to toxins, have too much stress, lead a sedentary life, or eat poorly, we need to address those things too.