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Auto-immune Disease Treatment in Stamford, CT 06902

Have you been searching for the right place to help you with your illness? Sometimes it can be hard to find the right place, the right doctor, and the right treatment for your auto-immune disease. We at Vitae Healthcare would love to help you. 

Functional Medicine and Auto-Immune Disease Treatment

When it comes to treatment we like to look for a more natural and homeopathic approach to resolving the problems you are facing. Dr. Halina Stec has done a lot of research and has full belief that functional medicine is a great way to treat many illnesses. Living with a chronic illness can leave you dealing with a lot of stress on a day to day basis. 

Looking at the whole body and treating it as a whole is the process of a natural approach to medicine. We don’t want to mask the illness by treating just the major symptoms you are feeling. Call our office and find out what we can do to help you and the problems that you are dealing with. 

Stamford, CT 06902

This beautiful area in Connecticut is located on Long Island Sound. If you are into museums and natural exhibits, you wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting the 1929 Mansion. It is called the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. So many cool things to look around and see. Take a walk around Cummings Park and enjoy the views from the boardwalk. 

Let Us Help You Today

Our office would be honored to talk to you and help to get you on your way to feeling better. Auto-Immune Disease can be to go through, let us help you find the right treatment. We are happy to serve the community of Stamford, CT, and surrounding areas. Don’t wait, call Vitae Healthcare today!